Automated trajectory planning and robot-based operations

Digital-based robotics for integrators

Integrate your robotic solution easily and create value
for your customers without programming

Digital Solution for Robotics Integrators

For integrators dealing with complex inspection cells subject to variety of controls, a high level of flexibility is required but current programming process and camera systems are not always adapted, and overall preparation time may be very time consuming and costly.

Diota offers a flexible and scalable solution for integrators to easily deploy robotic cells on the shopfloor. Leveraging automated robot trajectory planning requiring no programming and advanced algorithms for detection and characterization of nonconformities, our software suite helps to save time and to adapt to variations of configuration on the controlled part or equipment.

On the hardware side, the DiotaSensor One offers a versatile camera specifically designed to guarantee great flexibility and control capabilities.

These components can easily be integrated within various inspection cell configurations, from table up to mobile cells to adapt to flexibility, mobility, and product size requirements.

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Workflow: How it works

Fully automated robotic operations with no robot programming

DiotaSensor ONE

Autonomous control sensor specifically designed to offer great flexibility and control capabilities. Composed of several fields of perception, it allows several functionalities.

Wide field tracking camera allowing to precisely locate the effector with respect to the part it controls.

Inspection & Documentation
High resolution camera with a reduced field of view to capture details and observe the elements very finely for inspection & documentation

3D Scan
A structured light stereo sensor to complement the sensor’s capabilities by digitizing the areas observed in 3D.

Control by an industrial PC which manages the captures and the location of the effector directly at the end of the arm.

Results & Benefits

Experience Immediate Gain

  • Up to 60% of time savings on programming thanks to automation

  • Optimized programming and reduced labor costs
  • Reduction of errors and risks of collision thanks to automated trajectory planning

  • Offer added value to your customer and opportunities for differentiation

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