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Robotic documentation and inspection solution


Accelerate your inspections, improve quality and exhaustiveness,
increase traceability with an automated inspection and documentation robotic cell.


Co-developed by DIOTA and ACTEMIUM, SIRIS is a robotic cell solution dedicated to the documentation and inspection of complex products with variable configurations and flexible production lines.

Offering a wide variety of inspection classes, the SIRIS solution speeds up inspections, improves quality and reduces costs, ensures completeness and repeatability of controls, and collects data linked to the digital model for documentation and traceability purposes.

Key features

Mobile COBOT solution that can be used in multiple areas and can grow with operators in safety, without barriers or limitations

Specific 2D and 3D vision sensor with its own lighting system

Diota SIRIS-solution-robotisée-industrie

Advanced data collection and comparison between “as built” and “as designed” to identify non-conformities via a wide range of control classes

Automatic generation of inspection reports, related to the 3D repository to feed the digital twin

Results & Benefits

Experience Immediate Gains

Preparation, maintenance and evolution of ranges minimized

Low programming, maintenance and evolution costs

One single solution for various inspection processes

Robust acquisitions/controls, always updated ranges, immediate detection of anomalies on the basis of the digital model

Inspectors focused on their expertise, facilitated decisions, Increased reactivity in case of anomaly

SIRIS in action

See SIRIS in action at our customer Safran Aircraft Engine

DIOTA x ACTEMIUM partnership

SIRIS, a solution developed in partnership by two experts

SIRIS is the result of a collaboration between two experts, combining Diota’s cutting-edge software technologies with Actemium’s expertise in cobotics/robotics, the SIRIS solution allows for the optimal use of industrial digital data.

About our partner
Actemium Toulouse Robotique & Automation is an integrator of robotic cells offering a tailor-made service to its industrial customers: part inspection and measurement, surface treatment, FSW, machine loading/intralogistics and special machines.

> Learn more about Actemium Toulouse Robotique & Automation

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