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Automated robot-based inspections

Digital-based robotic operations for quality control & documentation

Automated acquisition of field data for conformity inspection
and process documentation 

Digital Solution for Automated Inspection & Documentation

In many industries, inspection of complex products with variable configuration can be highly challenging when using traditional manual methods. They require long control time and may be incomplete, costly, subject to errors and often lack of traceability. Moreover, field data is not automatically collected during the manufacturing and inspection operations and quality process is often poorly documented.

Diota offers a digital-based robotic operation solution to help the industry players to improve the efficiency and reliability of quality control on complex equipment and to avoid gaps in traceability by automating the collection of quality data. Thanks to the capabilities of its software suite, inspections are run automatically, leveraging automated robot trajectory planning requiring no programming and advanced algorithms for detection and characterization of nonconformities.

Diota - digital-based robotic for inspection and documentation

Workflow: how it works

Digital-based robotic inspections

Use cases

Transform your inspection and documentation processes with Digital-Based Robotic Operations

  • Inspection at arrival of an equipment in maintenance context or of a sub-equipment/tooling received from supplier.

Results & Benefits

Experience Immediate Gains

Preparation, maintenance and evolution of ranges minimized

Low programming, maintenance and evolution costs

One single solution for various inspection processes

Robust acquisitions/controls, always updated ranges, immediate detection of anomalies on the basis of the digital model

Inspectors focused on their expertise, facilitated decisions, Increased reactivity in case of anomaly

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