Automated quality inspection and digital traceability

Digital-Based Robotic Operations

Fully automated robotic inspection and documentation
processes without programming

Digital-based robotic operations

Diota digital-based robotic solution is a software suite dedicated to robotic controls which has been designed to use the industrial digital model via a direct connection to information systems, to answer to control of complex equipment in dynamic industrial environments, with changing product configuration and flexible lines. It can be integrated into different robotic platforms and different effectors and allows fully automated and highly robust robotic controls. All without programming or complex manipulations.

It features:

  • Automated trajectory planning
  • Automated control and supervision
  • Automated acquisitions, analysis, and arbitration
  • Field data capture, publication, and exploitation
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A solution bringing value at each step of the process, from programming up to quality control on the field.

Diota - Industry Aeronautics

For automated quality control & documentation

  • Digital traceability: acquisition of field data for process documentation
  • Assembly inspection: automated detection and characterization of nonconformities
Diota - Digital based robotic for robotic cell programming

For robotic cell programming & integration

  • Automated trajectory planning to save time on preparation
  • Versatile camera offering great flexibility and control/acquisition capabilities

Workflow: How it works

Fully automated robotic operations with no robot programming

Automated control features

Digital-based Robotic Inspection adapts without specific development to different control sensors - 2D, 3D, multi-spectral, etc. - and different robots - in cell, cobot, mobile, on table, etc. It automatically detects a wide range of faults using a variety of methods.

Geometric controls

  • Presence/absence of brackets
  • Positioning of brackets
  • Interferences
  • Inversions

Colorimetric controls

  • Detection of objects
  • Presence/absence of objects (washers, lids, caps, obturators…)
  • Markings
  • Paint areas

Recognition- reading

  • Texts (OCR)
  • Series numbers, signal plates datamatrix
  • Bar codes
  • Symbols, markings

Comparative analysis

  • Comparison by image recognition
  • Training through reference data sets
  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • Image correlation

Multiple Gains

Experience Immediate Gains

  • Time for preparation, maintenance and evolution of ranges reduced to a minimum
  • Robust controls
  • Always updated ranges
  • Immediate detection of anomalies
  • Automatically generated customizable inspection reports
  • Adaptability to different control cells
  • Wide range of control functions
  • Evolution synchronized with the evolution of the product model
  • Controllers refocused on their expertise
  • Facilitated analysis and arbitration
  • Increased reactivity in the event of an anomaly
  • Programming, maintenance and evolution costs reduced to a minimum

Products Suite

Generic plugin integrating industrial information systems, DiotaConnect allows in a few clicks to transfer various data directly between PLM, CRM, MES software, etc. and DiotaPlayer.

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Simulation and automatic robot trajectory planning software, DiotaPlan optimally performs the automatic choice of observation points according to the elements to be checked and the scheduling of collision-free trajectories.


Software dedicated to the execution of control ranges, DiotaController supervises the progress of the ranges and automatically controls the robot, the elements of the cell, as well as the capture phases.


A collection of algorithmic operators, DiotaInspect gathers a set of automatic control functionalities allowing to detect and to characterize the non-conformities.

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Software application for real-time analysis and monitoring of the progress and execution of processes.


DiotaSensor an autonomous control effector specially designed to offer great flexibility and a large capacity of control. Composed of several fields of perception, it provides several functions.

One software solution, multiple possibilities



To product & procedural data



Embeds cutting edge technological assets



Various robotic integrations possible



Adapts to various automated operations



Minimizes complexity and allows users to focus on their know-how

Case study

See our products in action

At Safran, data is at the service of the quality of the LEAP engine Safran technicians relies Diota solutions to support the assembly and inspection of LEAP engine.

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