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Helping operators detect and characterise non-comformities

Digital-assisted operator solution for quality control

Guiding operators in inspection tasks through step-by-step
simple and intuitive digital work instructions

Digital Solution for Quality Control

Carried out by man or automated, quality inspection procedures require the highest level of reliability and accuracy. However, current control methods are often time consuming, tedious and lacking of traceability. They are subject to a risk of errors and can generate additional costs when non-conformities are not detected.

Our Digital-Assisted Operator solution helps quality inspectors to ensure full compliance with quality standards and customer requirements with maximum reliability and precision. Our inspection tools leverage the digital model using AR, overlaying control points and digital inspection instructions on the real object to effectively identify, qualify and trace non-conformities. As a result, quality managers can :

– Increase the reliability of inspection results
– Save time on quality control operations
– Better trace inspection procedures and analyse results

Digital-Assisted Operator Solution

How it works

Digital content preparation and visualization

Digital content is prepared directly from CAD data enriched with digital work instructions in the DiotaEditor, and content is then displayed on the field in the DiotaPlayer to guide operators.

Procedure assistance

Interactive step-by-step instructions are restituted on the field to guide operators in each control task (areas to be checked, observation positions, qualification of non-conformities...) thanks to markerless Augmented Reality technology. We offer various solution configurations to match your specific work environment and inspection process, from tablet and hand camera up to hands free solutions such as projective systems or hololens.

Documentation & Traceability

"As inspected” data are directly captured on the field and related to the 3D model, including pictures, annotations, control status or information related to defects and non-conformities to give an objective and complete view of the product. Field intelligence is then consolidated in a report that can be shared with other departments or the final customer. This report is made available through a database or a data model API for further analysis (recurrence of faults, location on the product…).

Use cases

Transform your quality control & inspection processes with Digital-Assisted Operator solution

Operators are guided step-by-step on the control procedure through digital content displayed using AR for inspection of incoming equipment received from supplier or customer.

Results & Benefits

Experience Immediate Gain

  • Error risk in locating / interpreting defects reduced up to 90%*
  • 40%* faster on average
  • 50%* faster
  • Operator empowerment
  • Capture of field data with reference to the 3D model
  • Automated report generation of “As-inspected” results

*customer source


A comprehensive software suite compatible with various hardware devices.

Software for creation of step-by-step DMU-based instructions.

App for digital content visualization and field data capture using AR.

Harware devices

Our solution is compatible with various standard hardware devices. Explore our different configuration options.

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