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Digital-assisted operator for manufacturing

Guiding operators in assembly tasks through step-by-step
simple and intuitive digital work instructions

Digital Solution for Manufacturing

Assembly and other manufacturing operations of complex products subject to unique or variable  configurations can be challenging. Current processes are not always adapted and may lead to long cycle times, risk of errors, difficult skills ramp up and a lack of traceability. Diota assists operators in the manufacturing process to make assembly or paint tasks more efficient and reliable. Thanks to Diota Digital-Assisted Operator solution, we bring the digital mock-up to the field to guide operators with step-by-step digital work instructions using 3D visualization and augmented reality technologies. Data from field operations are captured at each step to ensure traceability and objective documentation of production activities.

Digital-Assisted Operator Solution

How it works

Digital content preparation and visualization

Digital content is prepared directly from CAD data enriched with digital work instructions in the DiotaEditor, and content is then displayed on the field in the DiotaPlayer to guide operators.

Procedure assistance

Interactive step-by-step instructions are restored on the field to guide operator in each assembly task thanks to markerless Augmented Reality technology.

We offer various solution configurations to adapt to your specific work environment and manufacturing process, from tablet and hand camera up to hands free solutions such as projective systems or hololens.

Documentation & Traceability

“As built” data are directly captured on the field and related to the 3d model, including pictures, annotations, control status or information related to defect and non-conformities to give an objective and complete view of the product.

Field intelligence is then consolidated in a report for sharing with other department or with the final customer and stored in a database for further analysis.

Use cases

Transform your production processes with Digital-Assisted Operator

Operators are guided step-by-step in assembly tasks through digital content displayed using AR devices to correctly assemble each part.

Results & Benefits

Experience Immediate Gain

  • Error risk reduced up to 90%
  • Up to 99%* of potential non-conformities detected during production
  • Increased by 30%* on average
  • 50%* faster
  • Operator empowerment
  • Capture of “as build” field data
  • Automated report generation

*customer source


A comprehensive software suite compatible with various hardware devices.

Software for creation of step-by-step DMU-based instructions.

App for digital content visualization and field data capture using AR.

Harware devices

Our solution is compatible with various standard hardware devices. Explore our different configuration options.

Cases studies

See our products in action

JefMag uses Diota's digital solution to improve quality control of equipments JefMag uses Diota’s digital solution to improve quality control of equipments JefMag is a company specialised in machine welding, producing complex metal equipement for its industrial customers. The French space agency brings the digital mock-up in the white room to improve the efficiency of assembly on satellites The CNES (French National Centre for Space Studies) has been working for a long time with 3D digital model for the design of satellites in the engineering office. Thales Alenia Space leverages the digital mock-up to reduce preparation time and improve traceability Thales Alenia Space leverages the digital mock-up to reduce preparation time and improve traceability As a leader of the space industry, Thales Alenia Space must ensure right first time and efficiency of operations. Inspection and assembly assistance by RA at Naval group Inspection and assembly assistance using Augmented Reality at Naval group Naval Group uses DIOTA technologies to speed up quality control. Orano optimizes the reception of equipment and construction sites with Diota Diota’s DIGITAL-ASSISTED OPERATOR solution enables operators to control the reception of equipment and installations while dynamically previewing planned locations on ORANO’s sites. Safran Electrical & Power improves efficiency of cable assembly in Airbus A350’s structures Safran Electrical & Power improves the reliability and accelerates the assembly of tens of kilometers of cables that run through the fuselage of the Airbus A350 XWB thanks to Diota. At Safran, data is at the service of the quality of the LEAP engine Safran technicians relies Diota solutions to support the assembly and inspection of LEAP engine. Safran Landing Systems using Diota for MRO activities Safran Landing Systems improves the efficiency and quality of MRO activities using DIOTA solutions. Dassault Aviation optimizes the mounting-assembly of Rafale wings Dassault Aviation uses the Digital-Assisted Operations solution to reduce non-conformities during complex mounting-assembly operations of aero structures, thus minimizing errors risks and improving quality and productivity.

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