A Human-centric Digital-Field Solution

Digital-assisted operator

Procedure assistance. Operational feedback.
Digital-Assisted Operator leverages the Digital to make everyone more efficient
with the right information at the right time

Digitalizing the workspace and empower operators.

Operators, quality inspectors and process engineers are confronted with increasingly complex products and processes. To help them improve the production quality and efficiency, the Digital-Assisted Operator suite minimizes workload, streamlines workflows, and eases feedback from the field.
Diota - Digital Assisted Operator

Specially designed for industry, Diota’s Digital-assisted Operator solution creates an unprecedented interactive link between industrial intelligence and operational know-how, restoring in the workspace interactive content taken from the digital model (3D files, work instructions, contextual information, etc.).

Using high performance augmented reality technology and the unique capability to bring the digital mock-up to the operational field, it allows:

Optimization of operations by assisting operators in assembly or quality control tasks

Optimization of processes by capturing the
reality on the ground

Optimization of skills development

Through the most suitable hardware, operators visualize the right information, at the right time and in the right place, in order to better understand and carry out their tasks. Connected to industrial information systems and compatible with various equipment, Diota Digital-Assisted Operator adapts to multiple uses in order to improve productivity, quality and traceability from design to after-sales.

Workflow : How it works

A “Digital Continuity” oriented approach

Content preparation

Projects are prepared from existing PLM/CAD data and converted to consistent digital content for the field in DiotaEditor (part of the solution suite) or in the customer’s existing process documentation creation tool.

Methods & process technicians and engineers can easily create step-by-step instructions for advanced operations and link these instructions to the digital mock-up.
Diota Field restittution with diotaplayer

Field restitution with DiotaPlayer

In the field, users visualize and interact with digital contents displayed through Augmented Reality devices.

The Operator can access to work instructions, contextualized information, automated assistance for defect detection or to specific job-related modules developed in the AppFactory.

Field data capture with media center in DiotaPlayer

Operators and technicians can easily report any timely observations via photos and comments in pre-formatted fields of DiotaPlayer media center.

As-built and as-serviced results, process stage validation and user feedback including comments, annotations, photos, videos, or control status of the equipment are automatically recorded and associated with the digital reference for optimal traceability.
Export and publishing

Export and Publishing

Field data is transferred to the back office for further analysis, for traceability purpose or for sharing with final customers.

Data are geo- and chrono-located on the digital mockup, feeding the digital twin all along the product life cycle, from production up to maintenance during its exploitation.

Results & Benefits

Experience Immediate Gain

  • Error risk reduced up to 90%

  • Cycle times reduced between 20 and 80%

  • Operational feedback and collected data easily accessible and usable
  • Minimized costs related to reworks, scraps and time losses, increased customer loyalty

Power your industrial processes

Solutions tailored to your needs


Guiding operators in assembly tasks through step-by-step simple and intuitive digital instructions

Quality Control

Helping operators to detect and characterize non-conformities and collect intelligence from the field


Guiding the intervention during maintenance and repair tasks and preventing associated risks

An end-to-end Industry 4.0 solution



To product and process data, to IoT data



Projection systems, workstations, head-mounted displays, tablets…



Generic and specific modules



Thanks to cutting-edge technological assets and synergies



Easy to handle without specific skills


A comprehensive software suite compatible with various hardware devices.

Software for creation of step-by-step DMU-based instructions.

App for digital content visualization and field data capture using AR.

Harware devices

Our solution is compatible with various standard hardware devices. Explore our different configuration options.

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