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Creation & Customization of Apps

Build and deploy high added value Apps

Customize Diota Apps, create new modules,
address specific business needs

Supporting your business

Because business functionalities, technological synergies and operational contexts – human, semi-automated, automated – vary, we give you the tools for tailor-made Apps as close as possible to specific operational needs and work environments.

Diota AppFactory - Creation & Customization of Apps


Thanks to the AppFactory, develop applications for IoT, remote assistance or any other usage.

IoT and connected tools

  • Creation of connection modules to connected tools: screwdriver, riveter, drill …
  • Creation of connection modules to IoT sensors: temperature, mechanics, proximity, level…

Remote assistance

  • Connect and share with an expert about your needs to get remote guidance and expert decision
  • Provide the expert with advanced digital tools to support field operations

Specific business features

  • Provide specific job information for better guidance on the field: NDT, welding…
  • Synchronize in real time with other software or IT/OT systems

For whom

AppFactory for creation and customization of Apps

Diota App Factory - Industrial companies

Industrial companies

Customize Diota Apps to your specific environment:

  • Modify modules to customize display and interactions
  • Develop modules to add new features      
  • Create new Apps leveraging Diota capabilities to answer to your dedicated business application

Integrators & Developers

Benefit from Diota apps development framework to build & customize Apps:

  • Develop business fitted apps delivering value for your customers
  • Create connection modules to integrate 4.0 technologies such as IoT and connected tools

How it works

Diota AppBuilder: Benefit from a unique development framework

Diota AppFactory comes with Diota AppBuilder, an industrial development framework allowing users to configure and implement Apps and to integrate services that meet the unique needs addressed, without having to code interactions and functionalities to from scratch.

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