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AppFactory for advanced field data management

Effective digital continuity

Empowering Digitization and Traceability

Supporting your digital transformation

Whether dealing with step-by-step guidance from CAD/PLM definitions to reduce error risk throughout complex operations, or with collecting feedback in the real-world to support traceability, the Industry 4.0 players face a common challenge when deploying manufacturing and maintenance optimization solutions: how to ensure downstream and upstream digital continuity.

Through the AppFactory and its “WI4 protocol”, Diota offers solutions to manage efficiently data workflow and to exploit it for report creation, analytics and feed the Digital Twin.

Diota - AppFactory for advanced field data management

Diota WI4 Protocole

Especially suited to support digital continuity, the WI4 data protocol is structured upon industrial concepts and semantics to allow efficient use and enrichment of data during field operations.

Much more than an extensible data protocol enabling to store work instructions and field data, the WI4 data protocol comes with a set of tools and services:

  • Connectors and services for IT integrations
  • Support for native industrial CAD data and standard formats, data conversion and optimization
  • Content edition
  • Data administration
  • Database export


Key advantages

  • Structured upon industrial concepts, the WI4 enables product and process definition data used through « Digital-Field » applications to be efficiently enriched.
  • Additional industry-or job-specific concepts, integrated and advanced business rules, may be easily added.
  • Data stored and enriched can be easily located and read, in connection with various IT systems (PLM, MES, ERP..) and analytics applications.
  • Among different IT systems, enabling sustainable integration and optimal collaboration across different supply chain actors including various company sizes, environments and capacities (large companies, SMEs and even start-ups)


Quality & manufacturing analytics

  • Quality Analytics: consolidating inspection results recorded through Field Apps to identify recurrences and improve Right First Time.
  • Manufacturing Analytics: consolidating data and user feedback captured through Digital-Field Apps statistics on time & errors, ramp-up analysis, user knowledge/expertise impact…

Business-custom reporting

  • Configuration of specific reporting for intra / inter-departmental communication or communication with supply chain actors or clients

IT systems synchronization

  • Transfer field data to MES for global traceability
  • Digital twin’s tools for DMU based review of rich field data link to parts or coordinates of the product

For whom

AppFactory for advanced field data management

Diota App Factory - Industrial companies

Industrial companies

Ensure end-to-end data integration and management to connect Diota solution to your PLM/MES/… systems and ensure digital continuity through efficient data management.

Diota App Factory - Create and customize Apps:

Integrators & Developers

Benefit from a proven solution to quickly and easily deploy augmented reality applications to optimize the digital continuity of your customers.

How it works

Diota AppBuilder: Benefit from a unique development framework

Diota AppFactory comes with Diota AppBuilder, an industrial development framework allowing users to configure and implement Apps and to integrate services that meet the unique needs addressed, without having to code interactions and functionalities to from scratch.

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