A Platform Highly fitted for Industry 4.0


Optimize value creation and large-scale deployments of high
added-value process optimization Apps combining Digital and Field

Diota AppFactory

To succeed in dramatically optimizing processes through digitalization, manufacturers face crucial challenges in terms of process integration, digital continuity, and business-suitability.

Diota AppFactory is THE platform highly suited to industry that let users efficiently build and deploy high added value process optimization Apps combining business-suitability, cutting-edge technologies, and efficient data management.

Unique Value Creation

Embedding a set of apps, assets and tools and a high performing development framework, Diota AppFactory allows users to effectively value their expertise by capitalizing on:

High industrial expertise

Thanks to modules and apps:

  • developed by Diota and its partners
  • proven by industrial deployments
  • used daily in factories.

Cross-technologie performance

  • Thanks to on-board Diota’s technologies – interactive 3D, AR, vision, deep learning, robotics …
  • Thanks to integration with a wide variety of third-party solutions – PLM, IoT, robotics, VR …

Effective digital continuity

  • Thanks to the Diota WI4 data protocol
  • Thanks to extensive compatibility with native CAD data
  • Thanks to efficient Data Services

Optimized time and costs

  • Thanks to high customization capabilities to business and data needs without having to code from scratch.

Main features & capabilities

Development framework for App creation and customization leveraging Diota’s technologies

Connectors for authoring tools and content creation from any CAD data

• Data services for IT integration (PLM, MES, ERP…)

Data services for digital traceability: analytics, reporting, data transfer…

Data services for third-party integrations: IoT, Cobotics/Robotics, VR …

Diota WI4 protocol to ensure digital continuity


Efficiently Addressing Digital-Field Apps Implementation & Scaling

Optimize integration of Diota Solutions

  • Ensure successful integration into existing systems (PLM/MES…)
  • Ensure digital continuity thanks to extensive compatibility with native CAD data

Create and customize Apps

  • Develop and modify modules from Diota apps
  • Create new specific business features integrating 4.0 technologies

Manage field data efficiently

  • Leverage data services for the management and processing of industrial data
  • Customize reports to ensure communication efficiency
  • Transfer field data to existing traceability systems such as MES or Digital twins
  • Use rich field data to get more through advanced analytics

Development Framework

Diota AppBuilder: Benefit from a unique development framework

Diota AppFactory comes with Diota AppBuilder, an industrial development framework allowing users to configure and implement Apps and to integrate services that meet the unique needs addressed, without having to code interactions and functionalities from scratch.

It supports strong modularity and integrates the WI4 data protocol as well as Data Services for the management and processing of industrial data. Embedding cutting-edge Diota technologies – 3D interactive, augmented reality, vision, robotics, deep learning…- Diota AppBuilder is associated within Diota AppFactory with apps and modules on-the-shelves, their APIs and standard models to allow implementation effective solutions, from an existing grid.

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