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Intuitive editing software for creating contextualized digital content


Create step-by-step DMU-based digital work instructions from any CAD data


The DiotaEditor is a highly efficient and intuitive editing environment for creating contextualized digital content to optimize field operations. Starting from CAD data, the Methods & Process technicians and engineers can easily create step-by-step instructions for advanced operations (e.g. control and conformity checks), and link these instructions to the DMU, thus supporting real world display of this content thanks to the unique augmented reality capabilities of the DiotaPlayer. The DiotaEditor is a key tool for ensuring a strong digital continuity up to the shopfloor operations.

Main features

Produce content from any major CAD data format (Dassault Systemes, Siemens and any other CAD software through Diota Exchange)

Support for large digital mock-up

Simple and intuitive content creation workflows

Rich content creation, from process to collaborative elements

Content sharing between procedures

Focused business content creation features (e.g. control and tracking)

DiotaPlayer: App for digital content visualization and field data capture

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How it works

DiotaEditor use guide

Import your CAD project into the DiotaEditor

• Find any part from the DMU either from the scene tree or using advanced filters on metadata
• Select the parts involved in the desired instruction and set them as the context of the step so that the focus is made on these only elements
• Sort and organize the sequence of the steps
• Add assembly instructions, information or warning for each step
• Add control instructions on a selection of parts within the step using pre-defined control class
• Add additional pieces of information such as labels, measures or pictures for a better understanding of the instructions

Set up the augmented reality reference model for the step

Export your digital project to be used in DiotaPlayer

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