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Automatic data conversion and export


Enable direct connection to industrial IT systems


DiotaConnect is an agnostic plugin that enables direct connection to industrial IT systems. Especially targeting customers who already work with industrial software (PLM, CAD, MES etc.), DiotaConnect enables preparation and export of digital projects directly from their IT environment such as CATIA Composer, Solidworks’ Composer or SIEMENS Teamcenter, to then be used on the field through DiotaPlayer.

It allows in a few clicks to transfer various data directly from the pre-existing software environment to take advantage of existing digital content as well as data captured in the field.

Diota connect

Main features

Integration into standard and specific information systems including CATIA Composer, Solidworks’ Composer, Siemens TeamCenter and other industry software

Import / Export of geometric data through generic and specific standard formats

Diota Connect

Automatic conversion of geometric data for tracking and visualization

Creation of 3D model-based procedural content including information bubbles, Alphanumeric labels, static 3D / 2D Symbols and instruction sequences

How it works

DiotaConnect workflow

Data Preparation

Using DiotaConnect, the preparer defines control classes directly in the PLM context, then associates them on the digital model with the objects to be controlled. It then generates inspection views and assigns one or more inspection attributes to the objects to be inspected.

Project export

The control instruction sheets thus defined are exported via DiotaConnect, and automatically converted into a digital project containing all the information necessary for example to carry out the control ranges.

Instructions visualization

The digital project can then be opened in the DiotaPlayer and immediately allows the tracking of the real object and the restitution of data in operational space. The user observes the real system’s parts in order to detect and characterize non-conformities using previously defined statuses.

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