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Digital Solutions for a performance 4.0

Solutions & Products

Whether you are an industrial company or a 4.0 technology provider,
we accompany you in your digital project through a large range of solutions
to support your specific use cases.

Our Solutions

From assistance on manual operations up to fully automated data acquisition and processing, we support assembly and inspection tasks in production and maintenance context for complex processes and products subject to variable configurations.

Digital-Assisted Operator

Human operations guided step-by-step through digital interactive work instructions and contextualized information through Augmented Reality

Digital-Based Robotics Operations

Fully automated robotic inspection and documentation processes without programming

appfactory diota


Build and customize applications based on Diota’s framework, manage IT integration and data workflow

Our Products

A comprehensive software suite compatible with various hardware devices.

Create step-by-step DMU-based digital work instructions from any CAD data.

Display digital work instructions on the shopfloor through augmented reality, leverage interactions for assembly and quality control operations, collect field data to feed the digital twin.

A set of tools for automated assistance to detection and characterization of non-conformities.

Direct connection to industrial IT systems (PLM, CAD, MES…) for preparation and export of digital projects.

Leverage Diota’s technologies for IT integration, creation of apps and data management.

Hardware devices

Our solution is compatible with various standard hardware devices. Explore our different configuration options.

Resources & support

Explore Diota’s media resources, download documentation and get answers to your questions about our solution.

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