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MRO 4.0: how to ensure the success
and ROI of a digitalization project?

White Paper

MRO 4.0 White Paper

Observe the methodology for the deployment of an MRO digitalization and augmented reality project within the industry and approach to value assessment through the example of Safran Landing Systems.

Do you have an MRO 4.0 project for your processes and methods but don’t know where to start?

You want to implement augmented reality for your quality control activities?

Discover the 7 key steps to ensure the successful deployment of a digitalization project within the MRO industry and how to assess the value through the example of Safran Landing Systems.

Here are the questions we will answer in this white paper:

  • What are the challenges of digitalization in the MRO industry and what are the relevant use cases?
  • What are the key steps to successfully deploy a project to digitize aircraft maintenance operations using augmented reality?
  • How to create value at each step of the MRO digitalization project?
MRO Digitalization Diota White Paper - at Safran landing systems
Instructions perfectly understood on the 1st try.
Reduction of handling errors during assembly.
Proof of correct assembly (photo / 3D comparison).
Complete traceability of repair actions.
Productivity gain.