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Diota : Solutions 4.0 for Industry

#Diota #corporate #digitalization

Corporate presentation of Diota company: markets we serve, solutions, added value for our customers.

Introduction to Diota unique digital solutions

#Diota #Industry40 #Presentation

Find out more about the challenges we help you act on the levers of the industrial performance through our digital-field solutions (augmented reality, projection of digital instruction sheets, assembly assistance, quality control …), ensuring digital continuity throughout the manufacturing process and product lifecycle, and how to customize our applications or integrate your 4.0 technologies into a sustainable ecosystem.

Demo of assistance to quality insurance

#demo #qualitycontrol #augmentedreality #tracking

Demo of an AR-based workstation in a camera on table configuration with a touch screen for assistance to quality control.

Use Case: Assembly Assistance through AR projection system

#usecase #Industry40 #assembly

Discover how Diota helps guide operators for assembly operations on the shopfloor through precise projection of digital instructions directly onto the surface of the equipment.

Use case: inspection of industrial equipment

#usecase #inspection #boilermaking

Discover how Diota is helping to make the process of inspecting industrial equipment before sending it to the customer more efficient and reliable thanks to 4.0 and, in particular, augmented reality technologies through this example from Arkema.

Diota Deep Learning tracking initialization for Augmented Reality application

#deeplearning #augmentedreality #industry40 #technology

Initialization of tracking model when using AR on the shopfloor can be challenging when your workstation is subject to variations of lighting conditions, background, or changing product appearance. The deep learning approach makes initialization robust to these variations, avoiding repetitive manual setting each time the work environment changes.

Introduction to Diota Solutions by our partner ERM

#demo #augmentedreality #tablet #assemblyassistance #inspection

  • Example of devices using augmented reality through tablet or camera table configurations
  • Scenario of assistance to assembly and quality control with markerless technology overlaying digital information on real part
  • Capture of field data (Photos, operation report…)
  • Connection to MES software
  • Integration to SolidWorks/Catia
  • Composer to create digital work instruction based on Augmented Reality and 3D mock-up 

Overview of Diota software and hardware offering

#overview #devices #offer #demo

An overview of Diota offering at the occasion of Laval Virtual 2018: projective systems, smartglasses, tablet… for use cases with real ROI supporting assistance to assembly and to quality control in manufacturing context.

Digital-Based Robotic Inspection

#robotics #automatedinspection #digitalization #product

Presentation of our automated inspection process allowed by Diota’s software suite dedicated to robotic controls, “Digital-Based Robotic Inspection”. At stake: drastic cuts in time and cost, significant gains in reliability, agility, human-robot collaboration efficiency, and traceability.

Safran “No concession" boosts the concession process

#casestudy #testimonial #aeronautics #digitalization #industry40

Safran Engineering Services and Diota have developped together a soution to speed up the process of handling deviations on engine parts for Safran Aircraft Engines. Using augmented reality, it facilitates waivers and reduces the amount of scrapped parts.

FactoryLab X Safran Helicopter Engines: Developing digital continuity between the digital mock-up and VR/AR tools

#customerstory #aeronautics #digitalization #industry40

Focus on a Safran use case: the FactoryLab community addresses the subject of digital continuity between CAD and virtual reality and augmented reality tools in the frame of the Continum 4.0 project.
Discover the challenges faced by Safran Helicopter Engines and see how Diota contributes to guide operators thanks to augmented reality, displaying digital job cards based on the 3D mock-up, for a rapid skill ramp-up.

Dassault Aviation optimizes the mounting-assembly of Rafale wings with our Digital-Assisted Operations solution.

#casestudy #testimonial #assemblysassitance #projectivesystem #aeronautics

Dassault Aviation uses Digital-Assisted Operator solution to help operators to carry out their tasks through interactive digital instructions projected on the equipment to optimize complex industrial processes.

Safran Landing Systems: Efficiency and quality of MRO activities using DIOTA solutions

#casestudy #testimonial #MRO #digitalization #industry40 #customer

Francis Rossignol, VP SMART Factory solutions at Safran Landing Systems Industry Direction, explains the benefits brought by Diota solutions for their maintenance activities.

Jefmag using augmented reality technology for quality control

#casestudy #testimonial #metalstructure #qualitycontrol #customer

Diota together with Visiativ contribute to quality control activities at Jefmag, a company specialized in mechnical welding and manufacturing of complex metal assemblies. The customer uses Diota’s solution to check quality of products before delivery to their customer, reducing risk of non-conformities and customers complaints as well as operator workload during the final inspection.

Orano optimizes the reception of equipment and worksites with Diota

#casestudy #energy #quality #digitalization #customer

Orano uses Diota solutions for inspection of equipement, pipe supports and platformes on constructions, and for pre-validation of on-site equipment implantation.

FactoryLab X Naval Group: Augmented reality control and assembly assistance

#customerstory #naval #digitalization #industry40

Focus on the Naval group use case: the FactoryLab community handles complex part inspection using augmented reality for the AGORA project.
See how Diota’s technology was tested on pipe checks with significant gains in terms of inspection time.

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