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Improve defect detection and quality control
in your manufacturing processes

What if you were to use solutions that have proven themselves in your industry?
Discover Diota’s solution to control the
quality in your manufacturing processes !

Risk of errors in locating 
or interpreting defects reduced 

by up to 90%

Inspection time improved 

by up to 40%

Skills ramp-up rate

50% faster

The challenges of factory quality control

Whether manual or automated, factory quality control procedures require the highest level of reliability and accuracy.

However, the current inspection and quality control methods in manufacturing in the context of production or maintenance are long, tedious and lack traceability. They can generate risks of errors and additional costs when non-conformities are not detected or identified too late in the process of inspection.

To solve these challenges, Diota offers several solutions leveraging augmented reality inspection and robotic-based quality controls to run visual inspections.
operateur qui tient une tablette et utilise la réalité augmentée pour controler un équipement

Ensure the  reliability of your manufacturing quality control operations

Using DIOTA’s software for quality control in manufacturing in your industry allows you to inspect and identify non-conformities reliably and accurately at each step of the manufacturing process to ensure full compliance with quality standards for raw parts or final equipment.

With a manufacturing quality software, you optimize your factory quality control and can reduce the number of defective products sent to your customers.

Software suite to improve the quality of your
manufacturing processes for human or robotic contexts

Quality control solution for your field operators

Diota’s Digital-Assisted Operator solution tends to help quality inspectors ensure product compliance with manufacturing quality standards and customer requirements with maximum reliability and accuracy. 

Our inspection tools leverage the digital model with augmented reality, superimposing control points and digitized inspection instructions on the real object to efficiently identify, qualify and trace non-conformities. 

Diota Editor

Software for the creation of step-by-step instruction sheets based on digital model

Diota Player

App for digital content visualization and field data capture via AR

Diota Inspect

A set of tools for automated assistance to detection
and characterization of non-conformities

Automated quality control solution with Robotic

Strengthen your inspection process with a robotic-based automated quality control solution. Designed to exploit the industrial digital mock-up via a direct connection to the information systems, it controls complex equipment in dynamic industrial environments, with changing product configurations and flexible lines. 

The automated quality inspection solution can be integrated into various robotic platforms and effectors, enabling fully automated and highly robust robotic inspection. All without programming or complex manipulations.

Digital Based Robotic Suite

Software suite dedicated to automatic trajectory planning and execution of control ranges

Diota Inspect

A set of tools for automated assistance to detection and characterization of non-conformities

Compatible with a wide range of AR display hardware and connected tools to improve quality in your factory

Our industrial quality control solutions are compatible with many hardware devices and can be integrated with IoT connected tools. 

We help you find the most appropriate configuration for your work environment and select the tools, equipment and technologies that will bring you the highest ROI. 

It is also possible to integrate them to connected tools such as screwdrivers or other similar devices.

How does our manufacturing
quality control solution work?

Thanks to our manufacturing quality control solutions using augmented reality,
you can identify, qualify and report non-conformities efficiently. 
Contextualized information thanks to
markerless augmented reality
Real-time visualization of digital content
superimposed on reality
pictogramme interactive digital work instruction
Interactive digital
work instructions
Guide operators step-by-step through
their inspection tasks using hardware tools and equipment.
pictogramme Field data capture and automated reports
Automated field data capture
and reporting
Inspection data is captured directly in the field for traceability and subsequent analysis and is linked to the 3D model.

What are the possible quality control applications?

Discover the many use cases compatible with Diota’s quality control software for manufacturing !

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