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Offers and packages adapted
to your needs and your budget

Discover our different product offers and packages to quickly deploy Diota solutions

You want to improve the performance of your industrial processes?

Evaluate, digitalize and deploy Diota solutions efficiently with our products and packages. Discover our different offers with content and prices adapted to your project and your budget, as well as service and support options to benefit from all of Diota’s expertise:

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Digital turnkey solutions

Qui sommes-nous

operator who uses augmented reality

Evaluation Pack

Evaluate Diota's solutions on your use case

Proof of Value demonstration on site
on 1 use case
Creation of a video representative
of the case
Technical and budgetary estimation for a pilot deployment
End of evaluation meeting and
next steps update
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SME Starter Pack

Small & medium-sized enterprises: rapidly deploy an AR solution in your plant

3 days of support**, including use case selection and technical support
1 DiotaEditor license for
content creation license
1 DiotaPlayer license for AR visualization on the shopfloor
Remote learning assistance
1 access to Diota customer portal and
online training platform, support**
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Project 4.0 Pack

Let Diota's teams help you with your personalized project

Study of your specific needs and feasibility
Evaluation and selection of use cases
Technical and budgetary estimate
Data and content preparation
Turnkey installation of the solution
Training of your teams and access to the online training platform
Support & maintenance
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Digitalization Pack

Digitalize your methods and operator spaces and become autonomous on your use cases

Up to 8 weeks of project support
Audit of your use cases
Demonstration on 2 use cases
1 DiotaEditor license fo
3 DiotaPlayer licenses for AR visualization on the shopfloor
Training to use the solutions with support for full autonomy
Access to the Diota online training platform
Support & maintenance included

Additional options

Coaching and support, additional licenses, hardware… many service options and complementary products are available to best meet your needs.

AR content
preparation assistance

Entrust the creation of your content and digital projects to Diota.


Pre-configured tablet, industrial camera, mixed reality glasses, projective system... many hardware options are available.

ERP connection
or interfacing
IT module

Let us help you connect DIOTA solutions with your ERP tools and existing systems.
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Interfacing connected tool OpenProtocol

Benefit from our expertise to interface IoT, connected screwdriver, or torque wrench type technologies with our solutions.
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On site or remote training

Benefit from the presence of an expert on site to train your users on your workstations or train your teams remotely
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And many other options!

Many other options are available, contact us to learn more!


Our standard offers

Qui sommes-nous


With DiotaEditor, create DMU-based digital work instructions from any CAD data

CAD data import - all formats
Simple and intuitive content creation workflows
Creation of rich content from
procedures to collaborative elements
Business-specific work instructions
Export of projects for visualization and
interaction via AR in the field


Visualize digital work instructions in AR and capture field data with DiotaPlayer

Display of step-by-step digital work instructions in AR
Conformity check features
Capture of georeferenced field data
on the digital model
Automated data export
Compatibility with various hardware devices


With DiotaInspect, accelerate quality control operations with automated assistance to defect detection

Computer vision based control algorithms
Large catalog of control classes
(brackets, harnesses, clamps, screw heads,
cables, plugs, etc)
Module integrated in the DiotaPlayer
or in the SIRIS robotic solution
Detection of defects in connection
with the digital model
Compatible with different types of
cameras and sensors
Automatic generation of inspection reports


Develop and customize Diota apps, integrate our solutions into IT systems and manage upstream data

Development environment for creating
and customizing apps (AppBuilder)
Connectors with design tools
Data Services for integration with IS (PLM, MES,
ERP...) and third-party technologies (IoT, connected tools, cobotics, VR...)
WI4 data protocol to ensure digital continuity
Training to use the AppFactory


Robotic cell for documentation and automated inspection

Automated documentation
Inspection: Data collection and detection of
production defects via a wide
range of inspection classes
Offline path planning, ensuring collision-free execution
Several platform options
Sensor One" sensor
Automatic generation of inspection reports
linked to the 3D repository

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We can bring 
 to your company
Reduce non-conformities
Non-conformities represent one of the main sources of revenue loss for industrial companies. With Diota's solutions leveraging digital mock-up and augmented reality, non-conformities are quickly identified.
Get it "Right the First Time"
Diota's digital 4.0 solutions help get it right the first time and optimize the production of industrial parts and equipment.
Reduce cycle times and costs
The digitization of work instructions and their conversion into a more intuitive format facilitates their use and understanding by the operators, which translates into a significant improvement in productivity and production quality.
Improve traceability
Documentation is one of the pillars of quality management systems and industries must be able to guarantee the traceability of their operations. Diota ensures digital continuity and information feedback throughout the process, with the digital model at the heart of its solution.

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