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Making Industry 4.0 a reality

The new generation of Diota products carries with it a complete value offer for the Industry thanks to the Diota AppFactory platform and DiotaApps off the shelf. 

Paris, June 16, 2020. Diota, a company specializing in optimizing industrial performance through digital continuity, labeled Pass French Tech, announces today the launch of the 4X Generation of its offer. With powerful features, the 4X Generation carries with it the Diota AppFactory, a collaborative development platform adapted to the industry, and the DiotaApps, generic applications known as “off the shelf” from this platform. A double offer to optimally support the large-scale implementation of productivity, quality and traceability optimization solutions in the field.

Diota AppFactory: a platform for creating and integrating industrial Apps

Capitalizing on more than 10 years of industrial support, the AppFactory presents itself as a platform for the creation and integration of process optimization apps through digitalization.

Diota AppFactory offers integrators and developers, privileged partners of Industry 4.0 a set of Apps, assets and tools enabling them to address very effectively a wide range of industrial needs and constraints encountered in the field of continuity digital. Integrators and developers will be able to effectively use their expertise to provide tailor-made solutions to manufacturers on key issues such as:

  • PLM integration: automation of content generation and updating of digital projects to assist field operations …

  • Quality and Production Analytics: identification of recurrences, statistics on time and errors, analysis of the ramp-up … from data collected via Diota applications

  • MES and the digital twin: transfer to the MES or to PLM tools supporting the digital twin of data collected from Diota applications

  • Connected tools and IoT: creation of connection modules to connected tools (screwdriver, riveter, drill…) and to IoT sensors (temperature, mechanics, proximity, level…)

To do this, Diota AppFactory offers a development environment, Diota AppBuilder. This agnostic ecosystem with native data formats supports strong modularity and integrates the WI4 data protocol as well as Data Services for the management and processing of industrial data. Embedding cutting-edge Diota-3D interactive technologies, augmented reality, vision, robotics, deep learning… – Diota AppBuilder is associated within Diota AppFactory with apps and modules on shelves, their APIs and standard models to allow implementation effective solutions, from an existing grid.

The AppFactory is the culmination of our strategy of providing manufacturers with powerful digital tools adapted to their production and maintenance circuits to support their performance and cost control challenges.

Via our 100% independent platform, of which we master all the components, each player can make the most of their expertise to create robust, secure and scalable business solutions. We are at the heart of the challenges that all players in Industry 4.0 must face today.

Off-the-shelf apps with the power of the 4X

The 4X Generation also brings off-the-shelf apps, DiotaPlayer 4.0 and DiotaEditor 4.0. These Apps reinforce existing Diota solutions whose main objectives are a maximum reduction of non-quality, cycle times and associated costs in complex production, maintenance and quality inspection processes.

We have particularly worked to make these Apps a real right hand for field operators (fitters, quality managers and method and process engineers) in order to help them drastically reduce errors and support continuous process improvement , by digitizing them.

With them, we are consolidating the strong responses that we have been providing for 10 years already to the problems of quality assurance and digital traceability of manufacturers, at the heart of some of the most decisive issues.

Next steps: the development of additional modules and Apps by Diota and its partners and their availability via a store in order to continue this acceleration.


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