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Empower maintenance and repair
with AR

Guiding your operators during maintenance and repair process through augmented reality

Intervention time up to

80% faster

Reach the

Right First Time

Increase skills ramp-up

by up to 50%

Optimize your industrial maintenance with augmented reality

Maintenance of installations or equipment can be challenging when it comes to complex assets or when intervention time is limited.

We empower technicians and quality managers with efficient digital tools to diagnose and solve problems faster, reduce service costs and increase customer satisfaction.
Whether it is to give a status of a product before starting repair tasks, identifying defective elements, get the right disassembly/reassembly instructions or inspect an equipment before redelivery, we guide operators through interactive digital work instructions and manufacturing maintenance software to improve efficiency of the maintenance process.

How does Diota
manufacturing maintenance software work?

With ar in maintenance, you can display inspection and repair instructions in the right place at the right time.

Contextualized information
through Augmented Reality
Real-time visualization of digital
content superimposed on reality
pictogramme interactive digital work instruction
Interactive digital
work instructions
Guiding the operators step-by-step in their
maintenance tasks using AR tools
pictogramme Field data capture and automated reports
Field data capture and
automated reports
Publication and exploitation of field data
for traceability and further analysis

Our augmented reality software for your maintenance
operations on in-service products

By using DIOTA augmented reality software for maintenance, you give your operators the possibility to be more efficient.
Your technicians are guided step by step by information displayed digitally in real time on the shopfloor.

Diota Editor

Software for the creation of step-by-step
instruction sheets based on digital models

Diota Player

App for digital content visualization
and field data capture via AR.

Compatible with various tools to help improve
your operational maintenance

Our solutions are compatible with many hardware devices and can be integrated with connected tools such as screwdrivers or other similar devices. 

We help you find the most appropriate combination for your work environment and select the tools, equipment and technologies that will bring you the greatest ROI.

What are augmented reality applications for maintenance?  

Discover the many use cases compatible with Diota’s maintenance 
and inspection solutions

Augmented reality for maintenance,
repair and overhaul

FOCUS ON MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul)

MRO operations are key activities in the aviation industry, consisting in the maintenance and repair of in-service aircraft equipment such as engines or landing gear. 

They frequently include preventive maintenance tasks, which are designed to prevent breakdowns and downtime, as well as corrective maintenance tasks, which are designed to repair equipment when it fails. 

However these maintenance tasks can be complex, with documentation that is difficult to interpret, and the risk of missing a defect is high. 

Thanks to Diota’s augmented reality solutions, the operator is accompanied at each stage of the MRO operations via interactive step-by-step instructions displayed directly on the part: defect mapping during in-coming inspection of landing gear or aircraft engines, assistance to disassembly and reassembly, final inspection of equipment before re-delivery.

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