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Space Industry

Augmented Reality technologies at the service of the space industry

Diota leverages Industry 4.0 technologies to help spacecraft
manufacturers to reach highest quality and reliability.

Digital solutions for the space industry

More than ever, space industry actors are faced with the challenges of efficiency, competitiveness, costs and quality. The ability to adapt to the new market paradigm is essential for all players and integrating digital technologies in production is becoming a must have. For more than 10 years we have been supporting the space industry in the production of satellites, guiding operators in each process step using augmented reality ensuring quality, reliability and traceability of manufacturing operations.
Diota - Industry space

Industry challenges

Facing the new paradigm of the space industry

Diota - Industry space

Space market is booming, new entrants are coming on the market, disrupting the way space assets are being made and how they are being launched. Constellations of dozens of satellites are now being put in the sky at once; new launch systems are revolutionizing established business models; increasing competition between manufacturers requires a lot of investment in R&D to stay innovative. In this context, the pressure on costs is high and necessitates adapting manufacturing processes to ensure competitiveness.

On the other hand, the market for single complex satellites is still very dynamic, serving both civil and military customers, whether for bringing more precisions to Earth Observation images or for geolocation, efficient telecommunications, or for scientific applications. As a result, products are increasingly complex, requiring a lot of preparation time and to follow precise assembly instructions. However, work instructions are still often described on 2D paper plans and therefore not really driving efficiency.

Whether we consider satellites which are unique and integrate the latest state-of-the art technologies, or the ones produced in an industrial way for constellations, there is no second chance to make things right and costs of error can be high. This leaves no room for approximate interpretation of work instructions or for non-conformities, and quality must be ensured at all steps of the manufacturing process. Documentation is also more and more required.

Diota brings Industry 4.0 concept to the Space industry and makes it a reality.

Digitalization of processes in space manufacturing industry is not an option anymore to face all these challenges. 4.0 technologies can indeed bring a lot of value and help answering the requirements of the space sector to better manage quality and costs and to ensure competitiveness.

We leverage the digital mock-up, bringing it in the hands of the operators to drive efficiency in the white room.

Solution: how we help

We empower operators and quality managers with efficient digital tools to optimize cycle times, improve collaboration and reduce non-quality.

Diota - Industry Automotive

1. Project preparation

Prepare your digital work instructions based in relation with the DMU and set up the augmented reality reference model before exporting your project to be used on the field

Diota - Industry space

2. Follow digital work instructions

Step-by-step assembly or quality control instructions and contextual information are displayed using digital devices such as tablets, projector, hololens or other AR system to assist the operator in its tasks.

Diota - Industry space

3. Collect field data

User can interact with the software to capture pictures, add comments and annotations. As-built and as-serviced results, process stage validation and user feedback are automatically recorded and associated with the digital mock-up.
Diota - Industry Automotive Report and analysis

4. Report & Analysis

Data collected during field operations in connection with the digital reference effectively feed production analytics and digital twins. Process engineers can rely on them for action and decisions.

Use cases

In space manufacturing, quality plays a vital role. Diota helps satellite manufacturers to achieve the highest standards of quality management at each step of the production process.

We bring the digital mock-up to the white room and guide the operators with 3D and Augmented Reality-based assembly and control instructions overlayed on the satellite, ensuring every element is compliant with original design and achieve first-time right.

Benefits for Industry

Optimize your processes, improve productivity and quality,
ensure efficiency and competitiveness

  • Avoid risk of errors due to wrong interpretation of documents, ensure quality check at each process step, reach first time right.
  • Save up to 92% time on preparation tasks and display digital work instruction directly on the asset
  • No need to jump from 2D paper-based plans to the reality
  • Collect data to improve traceability of process

Solutions & Technologies

Learn more about our solution to assist operators and the technologies we use to materialize the digital on the field.

Digital-Assisted Operator

Create digital work instructions and bring them into the hands of the operators for assembly and quality control tasks
Diota - Industry space

Augmented Reality

Leverage 4.0 technologies to materialize the digital on the field and make the most of the digital mock-up capabilities
appfactory diota

Data collection & Documentation

Capture data at each process step to build documentation report for quality and traceability purprose

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