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Digital solutions at the service of the automotive industry

Diota leverages Industry 4.0 technologies to help light & heavy cars manufacturers and suppliers
to improve efficiency in production and reach highest quality standards.

Digital solutions for the Automotive Market

Growing demand for customization, acceleration of electrification of powertrains due to legislation of governments, pressure on costs because of just in time production and low margins: the automotive industry faces rising pressures from multiple directions due to the increasing complexity of vehicles. In consequence, how to manage the resulting complexity in production while maintaining high levels of quality and ensuring innovation capability?

For more than 10 years Diota helps automotive manufacturers to digitalize their processes all along the product life cycle, from assembly assistance in pre-series production up to quality inspection in production phase. Leveraging Augmented Reality 4.0 technologies we empower operators and quality managers with efficient digital tools to optimize cycle times, reduce non-quality and manage costs.

Diota - Industry automotive

Industry challenges

Ensuring competitiveness, productivity, quality, as well as customer satisfaction

Diota - Industry automotive

Customers are expecting more choice both in terms of available features on hardware and in software. Car manufacturers need to introduce new revolutionary production platforms quickly to accelerate electrification, while pursuing production platforms for combustion engines. Not only must they maintain high standards of quality in production but actually increase quality standards to meet the competition and remain competitive. To ensure efficiency of production, decrease the number of non-conformities and reduce cost of error, heads of production and quality must act on processes and bring new tools to the shopfloor to make assembly and inspection operations simpler and more reliable, while ensuring traceability.

OEMs are strongly dependent on suppliers for tools and machinery for their production lines as well as for parts they need for the assembly process. More changes mean more risk of potential errors in production. Therefore OEMs need constantly and quickly to validate the quality of suppliers tools and machineries, as well as for parts delivered for assembly, by comparing the as-designed data with the as-built data of the supply. Additionally, results in such inspections need to be efficiently traced and documented digitally to allow timely replacement or financial reclaims. Time has come to change and go for more efficient, paperless checks and high-quality documentation through the adoption of digital solutions in the shopfloor to increase competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

Diota brings Industry 4.0 concept to the automotive market and makes it a reality.

The digitalization of production in the automotive industry is a mandatory process to tackle the before mentioned challenges. Using Diota’s digital solutions, our customers are able to leverage the digital mock-up in the field, providing all relevant information to operators to assist them in their assembly and control tasks.

Furthermore, we ensure digital continuity at each step of the entire product lifecycle, from its design, engineering, until production. The digital model is becoming the central element to guide assembly, quality inspection or other engineering operations, which feed the digital twin. Diota’s solution also allows to accelerate skill ramp-up especially for complex tasks and allows more flexibility in resources management.

Solution: how we help

We empower operators and quality managers with efficient digital tools to optimize cycle times, reduce non-quality and manage costs.

Diota - Industry Automotive

1. Project preparation

Prepare your digital work instructions based in relation with the DMU and set up the augmented reality reference model before exporting your project to be used on the field.

Diota - Industry Automotive

2. Follow digital work instruction

Step-by-step assembly or quality control instructions and contextual information are displayed using digital devices such as tablets, projector, hololens or other AR systems to assist the operator in its tasks.

AR automotive industry

3. Collect field  data

Users can interact with the software to capture pictures, add comments and annotations. As-built and as-serviced results, process stage validation and user feedback are automatically recorded and associated with the digital mock-up.

Diota - Industry Automotive Report and analysis

4. Report & Analysis

Data collected during field operations in connection with the digital reference effectively feed production analytics and digital twins. Process engineers can rely on them for action and decisions.
Diota - Industry automotive

Automated quality control & documentation

We offer complete automated solutions for inspection with our Digital-based robotics operations solution. From automated robot trajectory planning requiring no programming skills up to automated inspection of control class, we offer solutions to increase efficiency and reliability of control process or for documentation.

Use cases

  • Context: Assembly and inspection of connecting elements (bolts, welding points), engine modules, electrical harnesses or high precision operations such as masking or metrological marking.
  • Challenge: Long preparation time before execution, difficult identification of the correct configuration (position and orientation) and relevant procedures due to complex paper-based manuals. Even for experienced workers it remains a complex cognitive task to understand paper-based work instructions and properly “project” the information onto a product, e.g. harness wiring along the car body structure, while maintaining precision of less than one millimeter for position and orientation.
  • Solution: Diota helps to make processes simpler and avoid mistakes: operators are guided step-by-step thanks to interactive digital work instructions during assembly tasks. All relevant information of all assembled parts is properly displayed at the correct position as part of well defined step by step instructions.
  • Result: No more risk of errors due to wrong interpretation and execution of work instructions, no more time-consuming preparation tasks (marking systems, calculation…).

Industry Benefits

Optimize your processes, improve productivity and quality,
ensure efficiency and competitiveness

  • Reduce risk of errors due to wrong interpretation of documents, ensure quality check at each process step, reach first time right.
  • Lower inspection time of more than 80% on average
  • Faster assembly in pre-production
  • Reducing working time, reworking and therefore cost of error
  • Collect data to improve traceability of process and feed the digital twin

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Solutions & Technologies

Learn more about our solution to assist assembly and control tasks.

Digital-Assisted Operator

Create digital work instructions and bring them into the hands of the operators for assembly and quality control tasks

Digital-based Robotic Operations

Automated inspection and documentation operations leveraging robotics capabilities and advanced control algorithms

Data collection & Documentation

Capture data at each process step to build documentation report for quality and traceability purpose

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