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Industrial augmented reality solutions
for factory 4.0

Discover Diota’s solutions & Products combining industrial augmented reality, control capabilities and field data collection for your factory

Discover our software products dedicated to assembly and inspection assistance and benefit from industrial augmented reality solutions and control capabilities for your manufacturing & maintenance operations.

Our industrial augmented reality software helps you improve your industrial performance through innovative technologies by supporting assembly and inspection tasks with industry 4.0 solutions to meet the challenges of digital transformation.

Digital solutions and industrial AR at the service of assembly in production context

Discover our "Digital Assisted Operator" solution to efficiently guide operators in their preparation and assembly tasks using augmented reality in manufacturing.

Get assisted for the complex mounting of elements and reach the “first time right” thanks to the overlay of the 3d model on the part to be assembled and to simple, intuitive and interactive AR assembly instructions.
Reduce the risk of errors, increase your productivity, improve work comfort and skills development, and collect data for better documentation of assembly operations.
digital work instruction in manufacturing
Incoming Inspection SOFTWARE

Revolutionize your inspection & quality control processes

Adopt Diota’s digital solutions in your factory and integrate automated inspection solutions or augmented reality for products’ quality control to help inspect and identify non-conformities in a reliable and accurate way at each step of the manufacturing process.

Ensure full compliance with quality standards for raw parts or final equipment and prevent defective products from reaching customers.

Transform your factory’s maintenance operations

Digitalize your maintenance operations with Diota’s solutions. Our software assists you in mapping defects upon arrival of your assembled parts via digital display of step-by-step AR-based inspection instructions and guides operators in their repair and final inspection tasks before re-delivery.

Reduce inspection and reporting time, improve communication between your teams and with your customers, and optimize your maintenance operations.

Automated robotic inspection solutions without programming

The Digital-Based Robotic Inspection solution is a software suite dedicated to automating the inspection process of assemblies using robotics. It enables the automation of quality control and documentation operations, all without programming nor complex handling.

Benefit from robust and reliable controls thanks to automated detection and characterization of non-conformities based on our algorithms and artificial intelligence technologies, and improve digital traceability via field data acquisition for process documentation.
Would you like to implement an industrial augmented reality
or robotic inspection solution in your factory?

THE platform dedicated to app creation, customization and industrial connectivity.

With the Diota AppFactory, access a development environment for the creation and customization of applications based on Diota technologies, and integrate your own business modules.

Ensure digital continuity and integration of Diota solutions with your existing systems and processes, and exploit data services for the management & processing of industrial data, and the capitalization of field intelligence in the virtual twin.

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How are augmented reality, mixed reality
and virtual reality revolutionizing the industry?

Augmented reality in industry 

Using augmented reality for manufacturing consists in integrating the overlay of virtual information on an industrial part, in the real shopfloor environment. The display of digital elements based on the 3D model allows the operator to be guided step by step in his tasks for assembly or quality control operations.

Mixed Reality in manufacturing

Mixed reality in industry is mainly used with a headset such as the Microsoft Hololens 2. Its use reduces downtime and allows operators to quickly learn complex tasks and collaborate instantly from anywhere.


Virtual Reality in manufacturing

Virtual reality in industry is used as a learning tool or to simulate various operations and assembly situations while minimizing the costs that could be generated without using it. It is most commonly used early in the design process, especially for product development.

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