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Hardware devices

Multiple devices & configurations to fit to your specific environment

Tablet, projector, smartglasses… our solutions are compatible
with various material devices and offer a large range of configurations.

Hardware devices

Product to assemble and to control, workspace, manual or automated process, unitary parts or large structures… each customer has a specific work environment and equipment to assemble and inspect.

This is why Diota’s solutions are multiplatform and hardware agnostic. We offer various usage configurations to adapt to each specific field case and workspace ergonomics and we propose several options for visualization of 3D instructions in the Diota Player, from tablet up to projection system, mobile station or smartglasses.

Diota - Hardware devices


Easy instructions visualization and system interaction for conformity check

Tablet hardware (Android or iPad) is highly suited for conformity check and quality control of equipment, from incoming inspection up to in-process manufacturing control and final inspection. It allows the operator to easily visualize work instructions in the DiotaPlayer and interact with the system to validate control steps, collect data from the field and annotate defects.

  • Recommended for operations involving numerous interactions
  • High-quality graphic rendering
  • Accurate localization and display of information
Diota - Hardware devices tablet
Diota - Hardware devices projective system

Projection System

Unique solution for assembly operations on large surfaces

The projection system is recommended to assist field operator for assembly tasks on complex products during the manufacturing process or for maintenance operations.

It allows the operator to visualize Augmented Reality data projected on the work zone while keeping hands-free and validate operations or report observations. It combines a projector for display of work instructions on the assets, and a camera module supporting real-time tracking and data collection.

  • Efficient hands-free operator guidance
  • Accurate localization and display of information
  • Operations support for large components and products
  • Flexible and efficient installation and maintenance

Hand camera

An Augmented Reality controller integrating an industrial camera to capture data with agility

DiotaWand is an ergonomic sensor tool to easily capture images for augmented reality applications displayed in DiotaPlayer. It combines an industrial camera and a remote control offering high flexibility, ensuring comfort of use to each operator.

It is particularly suited for quality inspection use cases even for areas difficult to access.

  • Ergonomic flexible handle suitable for right- and left-handed use integrating an industrial camera
  • Highly fitted for hard-to-reach areas
  • Universal multi-support camera module compatible with several standard accessories
Diota - Hardware devices hand camera
Diota - Hardware devices hololens


Smartglasses for complex operations and limited time

Hololens smartglasses are particularly recommended for isolated short operations on complex products requiring to keep one’s hands free and a high-quality graphic rendering.

Fix or mobile working station with camera

Flexible camera for precision operations on parts and sub-equipment

Diota “DoStation” offers an adaptable working station composed of a flexible arm and a camera to easily capture images for augmented reality applications displayed in DiotaPlayer.

Its various configurations allow to work on a desk table for precision operations on parts or on a mobile station for assembly tasks on voluminous parts while keeping hands free.

It is particularly suited for assembly operations on parts and sub-equipment, for precise positioning of elements before drilling, or for paint masking tasks.

  • Flexible arm that can integrate various industrial cameras
  • Highly customizable configuration: mobile or desk table, remote display, individual or group station, etc.
  • Connection to various industrial screens for display of work-instructions
  • Allows for hands-free operations during tasks requiring precise manipulation

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