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We support manufacturers in their performance challenges, today and tomorrow

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A lifelong commitment alongside industry

Growing competition and regulations, variable configurations management to answer to customers’ requests for more customized products, lack of qualified labour… more than ever industrial companies are facing a challenging environment, requiring agility and performance. In such context, digitalization is not an option anymore. However how to make it a reality? How to ensure it drives value and truly enhances efficiency of processes? How to bring it to the operational field, ensure adoption from operators and turn it into a daily tool? How to make Industry 4.0 a success?

For more than 10 years, Diota has been assisting industrial companies in their digital transformation by extending the use of the digital mock-up to operational fields.

We offer solutions dedicated to the optimization of complex industrial processes through the digitization of the work spaces and the use of the digital model to maximize the productivity, quality and traceability of operations. Integrating cutting-edge technologies such as computer vision, Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, 3D rendering or Augmented Reality, our solutions create digital continuity between industrial information systems and operational spaces, and allow:

To use digital model-based instruction sheets data in the operational field, assisting operators in their assembly tasks as well as for inspection activities.

To collect intelligence data from field operations and leverage them in the digital ecosystem.

Building on our experience and know-how, we accompany industrial players in their digital journey for their production, control and maintenance activities in a large range of sectors including aeronautics, space, automotive, naval, energy and rail sectors.

Our mission

“With the advent of digital technology, supporting industry players in their transformation challenges is our raison d’être.

Since our founding in 2009, we have carried out this mission by imagining, designing and developing cutting-edge solutions

dedicated to industrial professions, with the aim of contributing to the competitiveness of industrial sites thanks to digital technologies.”

Lionnel Joussemet, Diota CEO

Our Values

Values driving us everyday to serve our customers and work together






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Why Diota | Making the difference

Building on our expertise and unique strengths

The success of our customers is based on a unique expertise and know-how that we have developed for more than 10 years as close as possible to the industry, offering solutions and technologies always at the forefront of innovation. As a pioneer leader in the design and deployment of digital-field solutions, we build on our unique differentiators to bring value to our customer.

We understand the industrial challenges of our customers and we know the operational constraints on the shop floor as well as in the engineering offices. We focus on value for business and we offer job-to-be done oriented apps.

We have developed a unique methodology to ensure our customers go beyond the POC phase and that our digital solutions are actually deployed and used in an industrial way.

Thanks to more than 15 years of R&D experience we master advanced technologies such as CAD data management, computer vision, digital mock-up and tracking model or augmented reality applied to operational field.

We have deep experience in deployment of our solutions on various use cases and configurations with a large range of customers. This allows us to easily duplicate use cases which have proven value in a reactive and effective approach, always taking into account your specific environment.

We have developed a unique open, agnostic and extensible data protocol to efficiently integrate our solutions and ensure interoperability with existing systems.

Our team is 100% customer-focus and dedicated to support you at each step of your digitalization journey. We have experts in all fields, from technical development to project management or customer training, and we keep focusing on the value which serves your needs.

Diota is ISO 9001 certified

Proof of our dedication to quality management

Diota has been officially certified ISO 9001 in September 2021, a proof of our commitment to ensure the highest level of quality in the development and deployment of our solutions and the support provided to our customers and partners.

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