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At Diota, we have long standing experience in driving digital transformation in manufacturing, developing integrated, intelligent, solutions for our clients.


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In an increasingly competitive and regulated marketplace, industrial manufacturers are continually seeking to improve outputs.

This can be in the form of reduced costs, greater operational efficiency, and an error-free production process, among other benefits. In order to retain market share, indeed, simply to exist in this industry, innovative manufacturing solutions centred upon digitalisation are a fundamental necessity.
This pressing need to adapt to industry 4.0 models of production has seen rapid digitization in the manufacturing industry and the emergence of powerful new, practically applicable, technologies.

However, many firms lack the knowledge and experience base to adapt their in-the-field operations to take advantage of market-leading digital manufacturing solutions.
This is where Diota has time and again proven itself as an invaluable asset to manufacturing firms seeking to achieve industrial digitalization.

We have been operating in the world of digital manufacturing 4.0 for an extensive period, carrying out R&D for 15 years and practically applying our technology in real-world scenarios for more than a decade.This wealth of experience, and proven track record, has seen rapid uptake of our solutions-focused service offering right across the industrial manufacturing spectrum.
Not only have we pioneered a market-leading solution which extends the use of digital mock-ups into practical, operational fields, but our work in the fields of artificial intelligence and deep learning reflect Diota’s position as an organisation at the forefront of industry 5.0.

Advanced innovative manufacturing is most effective when it is seamless. At the heart of our solutions is a detailed integration process, leveraging our Appfactory solution to ensure existing systems can continue to work effectively alongside the digitalization of the manufacturing process.
“With the advent of digital technology, supporting industry players in their transformation challenges is our reason for being.

Since our founding in 2009, we have carried out this mission by imagining, designing and developing cutting-edge solutions dedicated to industrial professions, with the aim of contributing to the competitiveness of industrial sites thanks to digital technologies.”
Lionnel joussemet
CEO of Diota

There are numerous reasons why we are sought
after as a provider of digitization in manufacturing solutions.

These include:

Cutting-edge solutions for innovative manufacturing

Innovative manufacturing allows some firms to stand out, above others, in a crowded marketplace. We have briefly touched on our solutions above. At the core of our client-focused offering is our digital-assisted operator solution.

The solution effectively reflects digital transformation in manufacturing industry in its truest and most integrated form. Leveraging our expertise in 3D models and augmented reality, we allow digital design, processes, even annotations, to be seamlessly superimposed on in-field production situations.
Not only are the benefits to the human operators self-evident (their work is digitally supported from start to finish) but the digital design and production team receive detailed feedback, with on-site data fed back into planning systems.

As such, industrial digitization takes place, and outputs are improved in terms of efficiency and error reduction.
A leading force in R&D for innovative manufacturing services our digital-based robotics operations are effective without programming. Driven by digital data and deep learning, they represent a truly automated and integrated system. Automated acquisitions, inspection, and analysis are all possible with minimal human interaction, thanks to in-build control and supervision tools.The power of our solutions derives from their usability.

Advanced technologies should not be inaccessible to in-the-field operators, nor should they make redundant existing, effective workflows and processes.
This is where the Appfactory comes in. Appfactory enables the customisation and creation of apps to specific business needs and can be tailored to work within existing systems and processes, to avoid disruption for our clients.

What’s more, the Appfactory allows our clients to manage field data efficiently, to ensure

Our Values: The ones that guide us every day to serve our clients and work together.






A track record of success in the digital transformation industry

Over the past ten years, we have established a track record of success in the digital transformation industry. This can be seen in our case studies.

For example, Diota worked with BAE Systems to play a pivotal role in the manufacturing process of the Eurofighter Typhoon jet. Diota facilitated an integrated production environment to assist operators in what was, unsurprisingly, a highly complex assembly process. Augmented projection, Hololens 2, and digital manufacturing software on integrated tablets and PCs were all used.

Furthermore, we supported Thales Alenia Space in improving the efficiency of satellite assembly. We did this by taking digital mock-ups from simply within the digital realm, and into the physical, leveraging are long-term expertise in 3D digital modelling.

For more information about our work with BAE Systems and Thales Alenia Space, and a number of our other clients in various sectors, visit the case studies area of our website.

Industrial innovation: Looking to the future of manufacturing

Industrial innovation does not wait. Our quest to provide our clients with the most effective and appropriate solutions necessitates an extensive focus on R&D and fosters an internal culture of excellence and drive in this field.

In light of this, our focus is firmly on what is next – the next iteration of industrial development. At Diota, we are not simply looking ahead to industry 5.0. We are already there. Indeed, many of our systems and solutions are underpinned by the core tenets of industry 5.0, from powerful AI to automated integrations.

The future of industrial innovation is now.

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