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Diota release 4.4 is available

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We are delighted to announce the availability of the 4.4 release of Diota solutions! This new version materializes all the expectations and vision placed in the 4X generation of our solutions to accompany industrial players in their digital transformation, allowing our customers, as well as the whole industry, to massively deploy Diota’s digital solutions in their working environment.

New version means new features, which we will reveal further down ⬇️

Back to the 4X generation

What is the 4X generation of Diota solutions? It is the ability to place the most advanced software technologies on the market in the hands of manufacturers with the aim of helping them optimize their processes by allowing them to materialize digital data in the field and bring the field data back in the digital model, thus creating a digital continuity between engineering and production or even after-sales. 

The 4X generation of Diota solutions consists of a set of applications that are based on: 

– A modular architecture and framework designed to facilitate the integration of Diota products and technologies into existing industrial environments (e.g. PLM, MES, etc.), or to adapt/customize Diota applications to a specific operational context, or even to develop new applications based on Diota technologies.

– Advanced technologies, materializing Diota’s expertise in 3D and computer vision, such as the DT3D tracking engine, or the DiotaInspect inspection engine, allowing the management and processing of very rich information from simple video streams.

– Advanced management of the manufacturers’ digital model for optimal use in the field.

– A set of tools and functionalities built to make the best use of the link between the digital model and the field, for example to document defects or non-conformities in a very rich way, in order to feed quality systems but also engineering.

– The ability to support a large range of hardware materials available on the market that can be used by operators in an industrial environment.

High value-added applications in Diota release

These technological developments have a single goal: to help industrial manufacturers gain in productivity in order to achieve operational excellence!

In addition, the new version of Diota’s solutions makes it possible to address much more quality control, defect documentation, and assembly assistance applications and to increase the associated ROI even further on: 

– Assembly assistance: positioning of elements, assembly of sub-assemblies, replacement of tracing papers and templates…
– Quality control in a production context: positioning control of individual elements, cosmetic control of parts, harness routing…
– Inspection on arrival of supplier equipment: control of parts or sub-assemblies from a supplier, control of tooling and fixing equipment…
– Assistance to NDT: dye penetrant inspection on unitary parts, projection of defects detected during non-destructive testing…
– Assistance to operations in the context of maintenance: inspection on arrival of parts or subsystems in service, assistance to the mapping of defects before repair…
– Painting operations: assistance with paint masking, assistance with painting operations in an ATEX context…
– Infrastructure inspections: pre-validation of equipment installation on site, final inspection of the infrastructure…

A non-exhaustive list of use cases! Want to learn more about the ROI-proven applications? Check out our white paper revealing the top 10 list of AR use cases in industry

What’s new with Diota release 4.4? 

The new version announced concerns all Diota solutions and addresses all industrial processes, from content preparation up to field execution, data capitalization and customization of Diota applications.

Content Preparation: 

We have pushed the boundaries of DiotaEditor by making it more flexible. The DiotaEditor allows the creation of rich content to be exposed in the field via the DiotaPlayer.


This new version of the DiotaEditor particularly addresses the control and inspection processes through the extended support of control classes and associated instructions, whether they are simple compliance verification classes, or constraints, or a combination of both, but also assistance to automatic controls via the DiotaInspect engine.


Numerous improvements and new functionalities, such as the association of external files with an instruction, or a better management of tracking models, have been developed in order to make the creation of digital instruction sheets linked to the digital model even more intuitive and efficient.


Field execution

The execution of field processes is even more efficiently supported by this new version of Diota tools such as the DiotaPlayer.

The assistance to assembly operations or quality control through Augmented Reality is further improved through the optimizations of the DT3D tracking engine and its integration with the 4.X platform rendering engine. The variability of tracking initialization solutions, such as the use of unique Deep Learning approaches, or the simplified management of learning, ensures maximum operational efficiency.

Capitalization of information collected in the field

Beyond the collection of execution information, Diota release of our tools focuses particularly on the problems of defects and non-conformities, which are major issues for manufacturers to ensure the quality of their products.

The functionalities developed to support these workflows with the DiotaPlayer are numerous and have been optimized in this new version. They are materialized, among other things, in the media center, which allows a defect to be declared in a very rich and efficient way, by associating information such as its location in relation to the digital model (as well as the identification of associated elements), media captures and their annotation, as well as the use of data forms linked to the Quality Management System of the manufacturer. This centralized and flexible approach greatly facilitates the exchange of information between the various businesses and departments.


Version 4.4 of the DiotaPlayer also integrates P&O (People & Organization) capabilities that will allow you to control Diota usage and data, through the definition of roles and rights on the DiotaPlayer functionalities and user interface. 

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Digital Continuity and Customization of Diota Applications 

The Diota release of AppFactory also brings a lot of new features. The AppFactory is still the ideal tool to integrate Diota solutions in your operational environment thanks to its open and extensible WI4 data protocol, or to adapt Diota applications to fit your business needs and processes even better.

The evolutions of the DiotaPlayer relating to defect detection are found in the increasingly flexible APIs that allow, for example, to re-exploit the collected data in many ways, notably through dedicated applications or plugins that will be integrated into the DiotaPlayer for a contextualized review. Access to this field data through our WI4 protocol allows us to feed a digital twin extended to production and maintenance data for our customers’ products.

The AppFactory now integrates modules dedicated to protocols for connected tools such as Open Protocol, thus favoring interoperability with connected tools on the market, and the integration of their management into Diota applications.

We won’t stop there! We are continuing our efforts to evolve our solutions so that they continue to meet the needs of our industrial customers. This new release of the 4.X generation of our solutions is a new step towards the development of a true digital continuity between engineering, production and after-sales services, which will allow the continuous optimization of industrial processes!

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