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Safran Landing Systems improves efficiency and quality of MRO activities with Diota solutions

Safran Landing Systems improves efficiency
and quality of MRO activities with Diota solutions

Case Study

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Maintenance of complex equipment

| Context

The inspection and repair of aeronautical equipment in a maintenance context is a long, subjective process that can be a source of errors and unforeseen costs. In order to increase efficiency and guarantee optimal quality of its procedures, Safran Landing Systems uses the DIOTA solution for most stages of the MRO process.

| Challenge

Simplify the application of maintenance manuals and reduce the operator’s mental load while ensuring high quality.

| Diota Solution

Step-by-step digital instructions to capture all checkpoints for a complete and reliable diagnosis upon arrival inspection.

| Results

Numerous results have been observed following the deployment of the Diota solution, including better traceability and a reduction in inspection times.

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mockup case study Safran Landing Systems


Increase efficiency, ensure optimal quality of procedures to get it right the first time and simplify the application of maintenance manuals.


Interactive & contextualized digital instructions to guide the operator through the inspection tasks and to identify defects related to the model with a report automatically generated.


Less time-consuming and more reliable and repeatable inspections, reduction in the risk of errors in the recording of defects, and improved traceability.

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