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Safran improves assembly assistance and compliance control with Diota

How Safran is improving assembly assistance
and compliance control with Diota

Case Study

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Assembly assistance

Compliance check

| Context

Safran Aircraft Engines performs part of the manufacturing and final assembly of the LEAP engine at its historic Villaroche plant.

This leading-edge industrial activity is taking full advantage of the benefits of digitization thanks to the operations support, inspection and traceability solutions developed by Diota.


Optimize productivity and ensure quality thanks to digital technology.

Diota Solution

Assistance to assembly tasks via step-by-step operator guidance by AR and automated defect detection assistance, and robotic quality control
automated at the end of the line.


Reduction of errors, improvement of traceability and ergonomics of the workstation.

Read the full Safran case study and see the results and associated ROI,
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mockup case client Safran
Safran - operators 4.0-Industrie4.0


Assist operators with final assembly tasks on the engine and verifyengine compliance for final inspection prior to delivery to customer.


Digital step-by-step instructions to assist the operator in assembly and defect detection and a robotic solution that allows automated quality control of the LEAP engine at the end of the assembly line.


A reduction in non-conformities and the risk of errors and a gain in time and efficiency:up to 250 individual checks per hour automatically performed on the LEAP engine.

Discover how we supported Safran through this video teaser!

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