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Orano optimizes equipment and worksite acceptance with the help of Diota solutions

Orano optimizes equipment reception
and construction sites with the help of Diota solutions

Case Study

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Infrastructure inspection

| Context

Orano has made operational excellence one of its strategic priorities. It includes a major investment plan to renew and modernize its industrial sites in order to achieve the highest standards in terms of safety, industrial performance and environmental impact. Committed to several large-scale projects, the French nuclear specialist therefore attaches paramount importance to the flawless monitoring of its worksites.

| Challenge

Validate the conformity and configuration of equipment and installations on a construction site.

| Diota Solution

Use the digital mock-up as a reference by bringing the digital data and the 3D model to the field thanks to an augmented reality solution.

| Results

Significant gains in terms of time, cost reduction and traceability following the deployment of this solution.

Read the full Orano case study and see the results and associated ROI,
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mockup case study Orano
Diota - Orano optimizes the reception of equipment and construction sites with diota


How to validate the conformity of various equipment with a preview of their future integration into global installations?


Help operators to control the acceptance of equipment and installations while dynamically previewing the planned locations thanks to AR.


Early detection of anomalies allowing to anticipate the impact of equipment installation and increased responsiveness to take corrective action in case of non-conformities.

Discover how we accompanied Orano through this video teaser!

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