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Case study

Quality control using
augmented reality at Naval group

Industry : Naval

As industrial contractor, designer and overall integrator of whole warships and combat systems, Naval Group is the European leader in naval defence and a major world player.


• Time savings

• Work comfort

Products used




Naval Group uses DIOTA technologies to speed up quality control. The group testifies about the deployment of Diota’s digital continuity solutions for quality control assistance in highly complex cases.

This solution allows me to check a part in 10 minutes, whereas previously the same part took me about 45 minutes. This is a considerable time saving.

– Quality Controller, Naval Group


Test and valide the usage of Diota augmented reality solution for the quality control of pipes in manufacturing context.


Digital-Assisted Operator for the quality control of equipment: the 3D model of the pipe is overlayed on the real product through AR, helping the operator to assess the configuration conformity.

Results & Benefits

• Reduction of inspection time, from 45 minutes down to 10 minutes

• User-friendly tool, easy to handle for the operator

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