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How BAE Systems improved its complex assembly performance with augmented reality?

Projet développé par Diota et Fairfield pour BAE Systems

How BAE Systems Improved Its Complex
Assembly Performance With Augmented Reality?

Case Study

Download the BAE Sytems' Case Study.

Assembly Assistance

| Context

Connected to BAE Systems’ intelligent workstation system, Diota software is deployed using multiple technologies within the Typhoon production line at BAE Systems’ Samlesbury site in the UK.

Augmented projection system, tablets, Hololens 2 headsets and PCs are integrated together in the production environment to assist operators during complex assembly operations, thus combining efficiency and ergonomics.

| Challenge 

Improve the efficiency of production operations through digital technologies.

| Diota Solution

Based on the digital model, interactive and digital work instructions are brought directly into the workshop and materialized via augmented reality.

| Results

The benefits are multiple: reduction of the risk of errors, improvement of the working environment, optimization of quality, increase of efficiency…

Read the full BAE Systems case study and see the results and associated ROI,
 Download our PDF version 

BAE Systems case study


Support field operators working on complex assembly tasks in confined areas.


Interactive and digital work instructions integrated with the devices used by the operator, such as tablets, hololens and a projection system.


Operators are guided step by step through the assembly process and compliance checks, reducing the risk of errors.

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