Case study

JefMag uses Diota's digital solution
to improve quality control of equipments

Industry : Tools & Industrial Equipment

JefMag is a company specialised in machine welding, producing complex metal equipement for its industrial customers.


• Time saving

• Reduction of non-conformities


During the assembly of small parts such as metal hinges on the equipment, the right positionning of components is key to guarantee that final customer can properly position cables or casing on its production line: how to ensure parts are present and well positionned before reaching final customer?


Jefmag assembles a multitude of small components such as small metal hinges on complex assemblies. On rare occasions, a component may be missing or misplaced when the equipment arrives at the customer’s site, requiring intervention directly on the customer’s assembly line.

The current process of visually inspecting the equipment is time consuming and does not detect all non-conformities. Jefmag is looking for a solution to reduce the operator’s mental load and increase quality to avoid defective equipment being delivered to the customer.


Augmented Reality solution “Digital-Assisted Operator” overlays digital inspection instructions on the real object. The operator is guided step-by-step via a tablet on the elements to control.

The solution has been implemented together with the Viziativ company.

Results & Benefits

  • Faster, complete and more reliable inspections
  • Improved quality: reduction of non-conformities and rework costs

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