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5 reasons to choose Diota for a digitalization project

5 reasons to choose Diota for your plant digitalization project

You are an industry with a digitalization project and you don’t know which supplier to turn to?

Choosing a digital solution is not easy, so we explain why choosing Diota is THE answer to your 4.0 needs with our Top 5 reasons for selecting our 4.0 technologies and having our teams accompany you on your factory digitalization project.



Diota brings together more than 10 years of experience in field operations. This experience, acquired over the last few years, allows us to position ourselves as true experts in digital transformation in our field and to adopt a perfect understanding of your particular context.

We know and understand the industrial processes and constraints, and accompany our customers in selecting the most relevant use cases and implementing the digital transformation solutions and hardware devices appropriate to your factory digitalization project. Choosing Diota means choosing expertise to best meet the challenges of productivity, quality and efficiency in applications where our solutions have proven themselves, such as:

5 raison de choisir Diota pour votre projet de digitalisation d'usine en Industrie- Opérateur tenant une tablette




With over 15 years of R&D experience, we offer our customers state-of-the-art 4.0 markerless augmented reality technologies with robust tracking and interaction features. Diota provides one of the best tracking technologies on the market capable of recognizing and localizing digital models in a real context and in complex environments. And thanks to a powerful 3D engine, we guarantee real-time 3D rendering of massive DMUs.

We put these 4.0 technologies at the service of control and assembly operations thanks to our ability to materialize data on the operational field. By offering a wide range of display technologies (projector system, connected glasses, camera, tablets…), our solutions allow to efficiently guide operators thanks to the localization and the precise display of digital instructions and allow them to carry out their tasks hands free.

Finally, we rely on advanced control algorithms to capture reality and verify compliance of operations. Based on artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies (deep learning, machine learning, image comparison…), our industrial software assists the inspection process via object, shape, color or text recognition…

5 raison de choisir Diota pour votre projet de digitalisation d'usine en Industrie



Demonstrations with a “wow” effect without any real application, projects that do not go beyond the POC stage… There are many examples of digital technologies that are never deployed within industrial companies.

At Diota, we have developed a unique and efficient support methodology that allows our clients to deploy digital solutions based on augmented reality in an industrial manner.

Our experience in the deployment of AR-based solutions in factories is unparalleled. We are proud to have trained more than 1500 operators in over 100 industrial sites and production lines equipped with Diota solutions in no less than 16 different countries on a multitude of use cases.


The secret of successful industrialization in a factory and industrial process digitalization project?

  • – A phase of acculturation and identification of people and profiles relevant to the project
  • – The selection of the right use case that brings value
  • – The proper preparation of data upstream
  • – A step-by-step integration of the solution into the work environment as well as into existing IT processes and systems
  • – Training and support for users during the change process
  • – A RETEX in order to easily replicate the project on another site or use case


Discover the 7 keys to deploying a successful digitization project through our white paper.

MRO Digitalization Diota White Paper - at Safran landing systems


At Diota, we have put digital continuity at the heart of our solutions and our approach. Indeed, the digital transformation of companies and the data exchanges it implies are essential components of Industry 4.0. This is why we put the 3D model at the heart of our solution, as a reference to ensure this digital continuity and participate in a traceability process.

With the digital mock-up at the heart of our solution, we enable data from engineering or methods departments to be sent directly to the field to assist operators. Equipped with real-time capture capabilities, our solutions then collect and upload data from the field (status of operations, location of non-conformities detected on the 3D, etc.) to feed the digital twin and create complete and effective analysis reports. We like to talk about the digital loop of the industrial sector as illustrated in the diagram below:



digital continuity loop


As an expert in optimizing and digitizing complex processes through digital continuity, accompanying our customers on how data is transmitted and exploited is a top priority. And through our unique “WI4″ protocol, we go one step further and help our clients in the management of industrial data and the integration of our 4.0 technologies into existing systems.




At Diota, people are at the center of our vision and our actions.  Whether on the side of our customers, from the field operator to the project manager, or within the Diota teams themselves, we do everything possible to provide the best support possible in each transformation project to build the industry of the future.

Given all these elements, you can only be sure that you are making the right decision by entrusting Diota with your digital transformation project.

Still hesitating in your choice? Contact us to arrange a demo! Whether remotely or directly in your factory on your parts or equipment, you will discover all the capabilities of the Diota solution and the ROI it brings to your transformation challenges


exemple de projet de digitalisation d'usine chez BAE Systems

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