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Cutting-edge digital field
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At Diota, cutting-edge digital field solutions for industry 4.0,
with a track record of successful practical application, is what we do. 

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Our Mission: To accompany you in your digital transformation towards the Industry 4.0 and 5.0 era

At Diota, we accompany industrial companies into a new era, that of digital transformation. How do we do this? By extending the use of digital mock-ups from engineering spaces to operational sites and creating a tangible connection between the digital world and the real world.  

Thanks to our industrial software combining vision, AI and 3D proprietary technologies including Augmented Reality, we help operators in their assembly and quality control tasks, by contextualizing work instructions via digital.
Discover the benefits of 4.0 technologies such as interactive 3D, connected tools like hololens, augmented reality and artificial intelligence for the optimization of manufacturing and inspection processes.

Our solutions collect valuable data in the field and feed it back into the digital model to ensure traceability throughout the product lifecycle, from production to maintenance, to feed the digital twin.
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Ensuring digital continuity and making the concept of Industry 4.0 a reality

Diota creates bridges between the back-office engineering and the operational fields. Thus, digital continuity is ensured throughout the process and promotes industrial digital transformation.

Our software helps you improve your industrial performance with innovative technologies by supporting assembly and inspection tasks with digital transformation solutions and by building a true ecosystem to meet the challenges of digital transformation of companies.

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Our Solutions & Products

Enhancing industry 4.0 manufacturing via digitalisation

Industry 4.0 manufacturing centres on digitalisation. Our approach to manufacturing 4.0 is built on three core solution areas, enhanced by a forensic approach to quality control as well as hands-on client support. Diota offers access to the 4.0 industrial revolution through the facilitation of digital-assisted operators, digital-based robotics operations, and our powerful Appfactory.

Digital-Assisted Operator

Human operations guided step by step through digital contents
    • Digital interactive work instructions
    • Contextualized information
    • Automated assistance for defect detection
    • Field data capture, publication and exploitation
Digital-Based Robotics

Robotic operations without programming based on digital data
  • Automated trajectory planning
  • Automated control and supervision
  • Automated acquisitions, inspection and analysis
  • Field data capture, publication and exploitation
appfactory diota

Build and customize applications based on Diota’s framework, manage IT integration and data workflow
  • Data workflow management
  • Customization and creation of apps to specific business needs
  • Connection to existing systems and processes
  • Integration of external algorithms and 4.0 technologies
Get it right the first time with a digital-field solution focused on your operators
Our digital-assisted operator solution offers a game-changing approach to industry 4.0 manufacturing. Human operations are guided, step-by-step, through digitalisation. Errors are reduced, instructions are applied in-situ, and field data is captured and fed directly back to the digital planning and engineering team.

The seamless implementation of augmented reality on the physical – the superimposition of digital data at all stages of production – allows for a rigorous industrial manufacturing process.
Automation and industry 4.0 go hand-in-hand. Our digital-based robotics operations allow for:

- Automated trajectory planning,
- Automated control and supervision,
- Automated acquisitions, inspection, and analysis,
- Field data capture, publication, and exploitation.
Access an app customization platform perfectly adapted to Industry 4.0
The technology industry 4.0 is a diverse landscape and integration between different systems is crucial. Diota’s Appfactory offers a powerful, yet streamlined, solution for clients to integrational algorithms and 4.0 technologies into an effective, synchronised, platform.

Appfactory enables the customisation and creation of apps to specific business needs and can be tailored to work within existing systems and processes, to avoid disruption.
What makes our solutions-based approach to industry 4.0 manufacturing stand out, however, is the quality of its implementation. At Diota, we know that there is no margin for error in industrial manufacturing. Quality control at every stage is second nature to our team, and this is reflected in the improved processes of our clients.

A forensic approach to assembly is at the core of our work. Successful production requires things to work at the first instance. Errors further down the production chain are untenable and our powerful models of integration avert such issues.
Optimize inspection and your digital traceability with robotic processes and documentation fully automated without programming
Our Digital Based-Robotics solution is used without programming. They are solely based on digital data, meaning our clients benefit from an ever-improving, ever-developing industry 4.0 software, resulting in continually improving outcomes.

The technology industry 4.0 is a diverse landscape and integration between different systems is crucial. Diota’s Appfactory offers a powerful, yet streamlined, solution for clients to integrational algorithms and 4.0 technologies into an effective, synchronised, platform.

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Cutting-edge digital field solutions for industry 4.0

At Diota, cutting-edge digital field solutions for industry 4.0, with a track record of successful practical application, is what we do. Our ambition is to enhance the manufacturing sector through digitalisation and integration – the fundamental driving forces of the industrial revolution 4.0.

Diota works with major players in the manufacturing world to help their transition into becoming truly industrial 4.0 operators, taking advantage of the vast digital advances of the past decade and leveraging the power of the industrial internet of things (IIOT).
Understanding the IIOT industry 4.0 and being able to apply it in practice to in-the-field settings has seen an acceleration in the development of what can be termed the smart factory 4.0 and continues to drive exceptional outcomes for our clients and partners.

Diota’s industry 4.0 solutions help industrial manufacturers to enter a new era of digital transformation through the use of digital mock-ups and associated processes. Where there was once a gap between design and engineering and operational sites, our unique solution truly represents factory 4.0, where synchronicity between all stages of production results in greater efficiency.
From product assembly to complex quality control operations, we bring digital context into the physical workplace.

Our capability to tailor solutions to each manufacturer’s specific situation centres on the versatility of our industry 4.0 solutions, where technologies such as interactive 3D, augmented reality and artificial intelligence are truly pivotal in improving outcomes.
A smart manufacturing industry 4.0 is a two-way street when it comes to digital field solutions.

While the digital planning process informs the physical production elements of manufacturing, valuable data is also fed back into the system at every stage of the product life cycle, ensuring traceability and a clear digital understanding of the entire development journey. This is a clear reflection of Diota’s approach to industry 4.0 and IIOT.

A leading approach to industry 4.0 technologies

With over a decade of experience in the practical application of industry 4.0 technologies, Diota’s expertise in the field of digital transformation is undeniable.

This practice-oriented stance within field operations allows us to quickly grasp individual client contexts and recognise the nuances of any and all complex manufacturing challenges.
Among the leaders in the internet of things industry 4.0, our technological offering is truly exceptional. With more than 15 years of R&D behind us, our customers benefit from state-of-the-art solutions, which have been stress tested across a range of manufacturing scenarios.

We constantly strive for better, and a culture of innovation is nurtured at Diota.
While we already offer one of the best tracking technologies on the market, capable of recognizing and localising digital models in a real context, and in complex environments, we constantly seek more to push the limits of what we can offer in terms of automation and industry 4.0.

Diota is a people-first organisation, and this is central to our success in this fast-evolving space.
From client managers to each and every field operator on the ground, and within our own tightly knit teams, we are well aware that providing the best possible support aids us in achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Whether your organisation is looking to reduce lead-time costs, improve visibility of products and processes or cut production costs, contact us to find out how we can support your mission.

Realising industry 5.0: Ready-to-use digital field solutions

At Diota, we have already made significant strides in industry 5.0 Indeed, we are already applying technologies in our factory 5.0 ready solutions.

If you’re new to the term, industry 5.0 refers to a closer, more effective practical, workplace-focused collaboration between robotics and AI and human employees in order to drive stronger outcomes.
This may sound futuristic, but integration with advanced AI systems and widespread use of automation underpins our effectiveness in many of our projects to date. And it is our depth of experience in this field that makes us a highly sought-after provider of industry 5.0 solutions. Industry 5.0 is more than just a drive for results in manufacturing.

Processes are human-centric, and outputs offer wider societal benefits, something that aligns well with Diota’s people-first outlook.

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