• Reinvent efficiency, we have the solutions.

    Reinvent efficiency, we have the solutions.

  • More than technology

    AR by Diota

    Augmented Reality by Diota interconnects digital data and human workers to offset ever more complex and fast evolving industrial products and processes. It creates a virtuous circle that empowers women and men on the shopfloor daily, and improves processes and methods with operational data and human experience. Technologically innovative. Strongly industrial. Widely deployable. AR by Diota is key to increased productivity and global competitiveness.

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Reduce errors & cycle times. Gain quality & productivity.

  • Manufacturing, Control and Maintenance

    Manufacturing, Control and Maintenance

    In production processes, where operators need to achieve complex and multiple tasks following a precise order, Augmented Reality by Diota replaces paper instruction sheets with intuitive digital contents which can be adapted as well to user profiles as to the configuration, often single, of the product manufactured.

    Workers of all levels of experiment visualize the right information in real time on the units, and are efficiently guided throughout the achievement of complex technical gestures.

    Manufacturing operations, quality controls and maintenance tasks are achieved faster, surer; not-quality is considerably reduced.

  • Product Design & Configuration

    Product Design & Configuration

    In these contexts, Augmented Reality by Diota enables to visualize as many combinations as wanted as well as to simulate various scenarios directly on an object or a real unit. Users can moreover rapidly compare the as-designed with the as-built to check conformity or control quality.

    Testing and decision makings are made easier with reduced processing costs.

  • Training & risk awareness

    Training & risk awareness

    Augmented Reality by Diota enables to visualize in situ complex phenomena to ease understanding, accelerate training, and increase knowledge retention.

    It moreover makes easier to workers to detect defects and faulty operations as well as risky situations, thus enabling them to apply the proper procedures or to adopt the proper behavior immediately.

The industry of the future is at hand's reach

What is the industry of the future, if not an industry where highly innovative technologies enhance the central, irremplaceable role of women and men in the factory while enhancing competitiveness and sustainability? We offer large scale industrial players a disruptive AR tool to boost workers efficiency and welfare as well as factories' productivity. We have made it accessible to all users, in their usual work environments. We have made it highly reliable and immediately deployable, accross stations and factories. We make the industry of the future a fascinating reality, now.



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    Diota and Keonys partner for more efficient factories

    Diota and Keonys partner for more efficient factories

    We are pleased to announce Diota’s sales partnership with Keonys, a leading european integrator of PLM and 3d solutions, to enhance large scale industrial deployments of our plug-and-play AR software suite through strong integration with clients’ existing PLM. « As Keonys early sought a partner to bring 3D to the shop floor, we chose Diota whose state-of-the-art AR solutions are widely deployable in industry», states Bruno PUECHOULTRES, VP strategy and Innovation at Keonys.

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    PSA Group and Segula Technologies about Diota

    PSA Group and Segula Technologies about Diota

    Back in March 2016 during the Laval Virtual show dedicated to AR/VR technologies, PSA Group, well known for its iconic Peugeot and Citroën car brands, and SEGULA Technologies, a leading engineering specialist with global presence, testified about their vision of AR in the automative industry, and explained why they work with Diota's solutions.

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    Diota joins The Area as a sponsor member

    Diota joins The Area as a sponsor member

    As a leading AR software provider, Diota decided to become a sponsor member of the AREA, a global non-profit, member-based organizationthat gathers know-how, talent and experience in a common effort to promote the strategic adoption of AR as a powerful technological tool to increase industrial efficiency.

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