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At DIOTA, we envision an industry where more efficient factories open the way for both greater productivity and greater welfare at work.

For years now, we have been developing breakthrough Augmented Reality solutions to address industrial needs of today and tomorrow.

Today, both our exclusive tracking technology and our unparalleled software make this vision a reality.

"we augment industries"

DIOTA's breakthrough Augmented Reality software, the DIOTAPLAYER.


Our generic software the DIOTAPLAYER is inherently multidisciplinary, non-invasive, and evolutive.

The DIOTAPLAYER connects directly to industrial information systems to fetch geometric and procedural data and convert them automatically into digital contents easily adaptable to many industrial use cases.

These contents can then be visualized through standard devices such as tablets, projective systems, or eyeglasses.

diota's tracking technology

Resulting from more than ten years of R&D in a state-of-the-art lab we share in common with the CEA, DIOTA's world patented tracking technology is precise, robust, and markerless at once. It is outstandingly fit for industrial uses.

Precise tracking technology


Digital data are visualized precisely were they are needed.
Robust tracking technology


Digital data are always displayed exactly where they are needed, enabling the operator's natural movements.
Markerless tracking technology


No markers are required for the tracking to be both precise and robust. The operational environment is not altered.

directly connectable

The DIOTAPLAYER comes with the DIOTACONNECT which allows it to interface with industrial information systems to fetch CAD data or multimedia content, and assemble it automatically into a single DIOTAPLAYER project.

The AR contents needed on the shop floor can thus be easily adapted for different industrial uses.

usable through standard devices

Thanks to its generic approach, the DIOTAPLAYER can be integrated into various standard devices, depending on the use constraints.


Especially fitted for manufacturing processes, projective devices are recommended when complex and exhaustive information needs to be viewed directly on objects. Technicians thus keep their hands free while their gestures are being guided.


Particularly suitable for quality controls, sales and support, and training, tablet devices enable many interactions with information systems while delivering high graphic quality.


With eyeglasses, both the operational environment and the operators’ hands are kept free, thus enabling much agility

industrial use cases

Want to use AR in your process?

We are always open to study projects.

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DIOTA develops and provides state-of-the art Augmented Reality software solutions highly specialized for industry.

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